Forthcoming Products

Product NameContent
BEAUTILYTE Baby SoapTransparent Baby Soap
BEAUTILYTE Glycerine SoapTransparent Glycerine Soap
BEAUTILYTE Hair SerumHair Serum
BONEFEEX-HD SyrupCissus Quandragularis (Hadjod) (For Fracture Healing)
CARYDEN Capsule (Alu-Alu)Carica papaya leaf extract 1100 mg
ENGERM Hand WashHand Wash
IDEAL-FORTE CapsuleFor Power, Vigour, Vitality and Stamina Booster
KOFFENZA-XT SyrupNatural Cough Syrup With Sitopaladi
NEUZYME  Gripe WaterKesar Yukt Gripe Water
NEUGESIC LinimentA Powerful Analgesic Herbal liniment
PYL-QR SyrupFor All Type of Piles & Fissure Pain