Product Name Content
ACNONZA Capsule For Skin Disease & Anti Acne
ANXI-QR Capsule An Anti Depressant, Mood Elevator and for sound sleep
AURALIC Soft gelatin Capsule Garlic Oil Softsules
BONEFEEX Capsule For Fracture Healing & Pain Relieving Capsules
BONEFEEX-HD  Capsule Cissus Quandragularis (Hadjod) (For Fracture Healing)
BONEFEEX-S Capsule Effective in Fracture Healing & Rheumatoid Arthritis
BONEFEEX-XT (Alu-Alu) Capsule Shallaki Extract (Pain Relieving Capsules)
CALKRUSH Capsule A Systemic Alkalizer & For Burning Micturition
CALYRICH Capsule Calcium Supplement For Women & For Bone & Joint Care
CARYDEN Capsule Carica Papapaya Leaf,Katuki,Musta,PatolPatra,Guduchi,Kariyatu
DENERV Capsule Useful In Nerve Related Disorder, Nurological Disorder
DIOSN-L Capsule To Normalise Sugar Level and improve Weakness Due to Diabetes
FERRICH Capsules For Iron Deficiency
FUZIGO Capsule A Natural Cover For Tender Skin
GYANNA Capsule Uterine Tonic
GYNOVIN  Capsule A Powerful Menstruation Regulator
IDEAL Capsule For Power,Vigour,Vitality and Stamina Booster
IDEAL-F Capsule For Women (Power,Vigour,Vitality and Stamina Booster)
IDEAL FORTE Soft gelatin Capsule For Power, Vigour & Vitality and Stamina Booster
INFINITY Capsule For Male Infertility
INFINITY F Capsule Female Infertility
INFINITY FORTE Soft gelatin Capsule Phal Ghrit Softsules
Kk’LEST-Q Capsule For Cholesterol Control (Garlic Free Formula)
KOFFENZA Capsule For Cold & All Time Allergic Secretion
LYCONIXX Softgel Lycopene 10% 2000 Mcg,Vitamin A 2500iu, Vitamin E 10iu,Vitamin c 50 mg, Zinc Sulphate monoohydrate 27.45mg,Selenium Dioxide 70mcg
MILKORICH Capsule For Lactation
NEUBAL Capsule To Control Hair Fall & Increase Hair Growth
NEUGESIC Capsule Pain Relieving Capsules
NEUGESIC XT Capsule Pain Relieving Capsules With Sallaki
NEULIV Capsule For Liver Disorders
NEULIV-SL Capsule For Liver Disorders (Extra Strength formula)
NEUZYME Capsule A Digestive Enzyme & Relief From Gas
OBECY-QR Capsule To Reduce Obesity & Weight
OMENIXX DSR Capsule Omeprazole 20 Mg & Domperidone 30 Mg (SR)
PEPTACID Capsule A Natural Way To Treat Acidity & An Antacid
PEPTACID DSR Capsule Pentoprazole 40 Mg & Domperidone 30 Mg (Sustained Release)
PROLAXA Capsule A Natural Laxative
PSORAMIN Soft gelatin Capsule For Psoriasis Softsules
PYL-QR Capsule For All Type of Piles & Fissure Pain
RABENIXX DSR Alu Alu Cap Rabeprazole 20 Mg & Domperidone 30 Mg (Sustained Release)
THINNY Capsule To Reduce Obesity & Weight
URIFLEX Capsule To Reduce Uric Acid Level
VITONSA Capsule A Complete Family Health Tonic
VITONSA 400 Soft gelatin Capsule Natural Wheatgerm Vitamin E Oil
V-THIN Capsule To Reduce Obesity & Weight